Daihatsu Midget

Dating all the way back to 1957, the Midget (and Midget II) is a single seater Kei Truck that comes as a 3 wheeled (pre 1996) and 4 wheeled (post 1996) variant. The second generation Midget II was introduced as a concept at the 1993 Tokyo Motor Show and came available with 2 seats.

daihatsu midget 1
daihatsu midget 2

The 660cc Midget (second generation models) puts out approximately 45hp and can achieve an EPA of 45 mpg. There are 2 types of engine available, differentiated by the injection type, one being electronic. Both are identical in width and height, but the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) version is shorter by 75mm. They are available in one seater or 2 seater, with automatic and manual transmissions available. This midget is semi unusual as the spare tire is on the front, a popular thing to do to Volkswagen Type 2’s.

The Midget is can be had from the factory with an enclosed cargo bed.

Popular aftermarket options include turf or Trax tires, plows, salters, refrigerated beds, dump beds, scissor lifts, cranes and all kind of customizable signage.

daihatsu midget 3