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mini truck with plow

Are Mini Trucks Right for your Business?

Is a Japanese mini truck right for your business? Here you can find general statistics pertaining to these trucks, how they stack up against the competition and how they will save you money and get you noticed!

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Workplace Efficiency:

How many times have you had to drive your big, heavy duty truck to a job site with your UTV in the back only to have to unload the UTV, get the job done and load it back up? This is where mini trucks have the upper hand. They can drive themselves to the job site while carrying almost 800 lbs in the bed, get the job or delivery done and then drive back to the office. Also, their low bed height allows your employees to load heavy materials in and out much easier than with a large F150.


Is it no secret that mini trucks get noticed. They are a rarity in Canada and many people still do not know that they exist. Pair this novelty factor with your company logo or colors on the side and be prepared to see an influx in traffic. Many people just like to ask about the truck. Little do they know that they just saw your company logo and learned about what your business does.

Fuel Savings:

A Japanese mini truck takes about $25 to fill at today’s gas price. Compare this with 2 to 3 tims that for larger trucks and you can see how much you are savings at the pump already. But how far can they go on a single tank? Kei trucks drive for about 400 Р500 kms on a single tank of gas. This equates to about 8L per 100 km. Depending on how much you drive, annual fuel savings can be in the thousands.