Rob“It’s a 1991 so it’s not exactly brand new but it still gets better milage than the other trucks that we have. This has reduced our fuel bill from $800 to about $300 which is a huge savings for us. There is also the environmental savings.”

Rob Arpa; Co-Owner of Green FX Landscaping


Steve“These Japanese trucks have been great for business. The amount that they have gotten the company noticed is a worthwhile investment in its own right. Fuel savings have also been a great benefit to us.”

Steve Hyman; Co-Owner of Green Planet Bio Fuels


“T“hanks very much RightDrive – my Suzuki Carry gets me and the company noticed every time it hits the streets. I can’t buy any form of advertising like that anywhere!””

Elliots Collision Center


Michael“When running a business we try to find ways to cut or control costs. I had 4 leased GMC trucks that were overpriced for what I needed. I had started my quest to reduce my expenditures that I could control. If I am going to give money to anyone, who better than myself. I looked into other North American built trucks. The problem here is that they were over built for our business needs. I saw the wasted material all over these trucks. With the number of employees I have and their differences of driving, I did not want to have to do repairs in the thousands when damaged. I looked at electric but the technology was not there yet. I then went on vacation and saw the truck I wanted; a solid and simplified work truck without all the extra wasted metal. I then proceeded to look into them once I returned home. Months had gone by until I found Right Hand Drive.

I proceeded to investigate more into small mini trucks. They originally did not meet my requirements for the carrying weight. My preference of truck was Toyota and Right Drive found me a LiteAce and TowneAce, both in the style of truck I was looking for. Back to the expenditures: I knew gas was one I could control and the other was the cost of the truck. As gas prices spiked, I saw my profits sucked away with each GM truck I ran. Gas eventually came down, albeit not for long. I talked to others in the field and they replied “who cares about the gas costs, just pass it onto the customer.” I was not prepared to do so.

As I looked into these Japanese trucks more and more, it made sense and I could see the savings. My timing could not have been better. All my trucks were coming up off of lease. You think the dealer would consider you a great customer with the number of trucks I had from him, but he did not. I returned them. Dealing with Michael and team at Right Drive seemed distant and scary at first. Emails were flying to and from. A portal picture with details would come and then another and again another. The truck I picked came from a picture with some unknowns but Right Hand Drive took care of all the worries and saved me headaches.

At the end of all this, I could see decrease truck costs in payments, repairs and fuel. The North American market is based on the gas engine and thus all their tech lies there. Where the other part of the world has had over twenty years of high gas prices and put their money on the diesel! All great trucks, but for me it would 5 Toyota and 1 Suzuki mini truck from Japan.

Yes there were issues with the shipping and getting them here on time, so be prepared well in advance of when you need them. Right Hand Drive was there all the way through. Their staff abroad and here communicated with me, keeping me apprised of all.

My banker at CIBC loved the idea and the trucks. My insurance broker the same. The real test came from putting them out there to work. I have to tell you that as the gas prices went up, my wife who I had to sell this to, is the biggest fan of these trucks now because the proof is in the pudding.”

Michael Stangl; Owner of Stangles Enviro Lawn Care